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Software Development Outsourcing Services

September 2nd, 2018

Today it won’t be an exaggeration to say that IT-department is the one of “must-have” for any modern company which wants to develop and to perform its services on the world market which is impossible to imagine without good promotion and appropriate usage of all modern IT-achievements. But intellectual work of experienced stuff which performs software development services demands a lot of expenses, so there is no wonder why so many companies do not hire their own IT-specialists, but make use of software outsourcing services. In general the word “outsourcing” can be applied to any tasks given from one company to another with an aim to save money and to get the result of high quality, but today the word-combination “software outsourcing services” occur the more and more often.

It is obvious that web development are in high demand among modern companies, even among those which have nothing to do with IT-sphere. That is why outsourcing of web development services can be really the best way out for such companies. After all it is not a secret than in most highly-developed countries web developed services cost a lot, and if you can get software development services of the same quality but at much lower price, then why not save means and get what you need without paying too much? Frankly speaking, this is the main reason why so many companies turn to outsourcing IT services and get what the needful software and other web development services with minimal losses.

For example, if you are interested in mobile application development services then you have a right to choose, whether you would like to pay a large sum of money to web development services in England or you can use IT outsourcing services in India, Ukraine or Russia. To find good specialists which can provide you with mobile application development services should not take you a lot of time, and as a reward your company will achieve its professional goals and save its resources.

Besides cost-effectiveness software outsourcing services have several other advantages. First of all, software development services of this type allows company to concentrate on its main activity without spending extra resources and time on web development services which they can get from the third party. Also when the company is inclined to outsourcing IT services it means that there will be no problems with the staff flexibility, because if there is no need in IT-department then there is no necessity to hire and dismiss personnel. Thus you do not have to spend money and time at creating new work areas, salaries and other social and professional commitments, which makes your company’s work much more efficient.

Certainly there are some negative aspects in IT outsourcing services. First of all, it is a risk of information leak. Each company which performs outsourcing IT services guarantees confidentiality, thus this risk is minimal but still it happens to be. Another unpleasant probable situation is a bankruptcy of the chosen company which provides you with software outsourcing services, thus you will have to look for another one and to start all over again. In other words there are pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide whether outsourcing IT services meet your requirements.

Developing Websites for Older Adults

September 1st, 2018

According to the ‘Administration on Aging’, approximately 605 million people were 60 years or older in 2000. By 2050, that number is expected to be close to 2 billion. When putting this into business perspective, is this large target market one you want your company to miss out on

Having aging parents, I recognize the importance of developing web sites suitable for a senior audience. Not only do I want my parent’s user experience on the web to be simplified and free from confusion, I realize it also makes good business sense.

Older adults are devoted users. Besides sending and receiving email, older adults search the web for health, retirement, entertainment and cooking information. To help make the most of the web, I’ve put together some guidelines that can help web developers create websites that work well for older adults.

Make Web Information Easy for Older Adults to Find

Computer functions that younger people use automatically, such as scrolling, clicking buttons and surfing the web through links, may be unfamiliar to older adults. In addition, advanced age may bring memory loss, which may hinder the ability to recall the location of links in a given space. Therefore, it is especially important for navigation of a website to be consistent.

  • Use standard page layouts and page templates
  • Navigation buttons should remain in the same place on each page.
  • Repeat the same colors, symbols and icons throughout the site.
  • Arrange page links carefully so the fewest possible clicks are needed to find information
  • Avoid using pop-ups and visuals that are not relevant to the task that may distract attention.

Put Key Information First

Older adults have a wide variety of physical and mental abilities. Motor skills may deteriorate earlier for those with arthritis or other age-related issues. Scrolling a mouse, for example, in combination with movements such as using pull-down menus can become difficult or confusing.

The most important information should always be located where users can find it easily, such as at the top of the website with H1 tags. Also, try to limit the length of the pages of your website to minimize or eliminate scrolling.

Older Users Often Have Slow Internet Connections

Web designers should assume that older adults may still have dial-up Internet connections versus a high-speed connection. In addition, those adults may be using older computers that are slower than the newest technologies the market. Therefore, make sure images are optimized to the smallest possible size and important page content is kept short for the fastest loading time possible.

Keep Paragraphs and Sentences Short

Older adults may experience short-term memory which becomes less reliable over time. Therefore, paragraphs should express only one main idea. Sentences should be simple and straightforward. Consider using bulleted lists for important information or key points so they stand out prominently.

Keep New Technology to a Minimum

For many older adults, using the Web is new territory. For these people, many are learning to use computers and the Web on their own and for them, the task is a daunting.

Those of us who have used computers as a part of everyday life have much more experience on the web. Older adults simply have not had the opportunity to grasp what more experienced computer users consider standard features such as buttons and links, and how to react to the outcomes. So keep widgets and gadgets, scrolling galleries and fancy Java Scripts at bay and instead stick with standard text to display information.

Including Other Media

Information delivered as text only may not meet the needs of all older adults. For example, people with declining vision may find an automatic audio reader easier to understand, and those who have trouble reading may prefer to view a video. However, if using video or audio, do not automatically start it when the page loads as this may startle some viewers. Instead, allow them the option to start the video on their own with clear, distinct stop and play buttons.

In conclusion, with the senior audience growing at an extremely fast pace, it sure is one target market web developers should not ignore. A good web design can help counteract many age-related changes for older adults and make their Internet experience easier to access.

Although this article focuses on older adults, it’s important to remember a good design for older adults is a good design for everyone.

Low Cost Developers: The Best Choice for Small Businesses

August 29th, 2018

Approaching low cost web developers is the best option when you want quality within a fixed budget. Most people still consider it expensive to own a website. Additionally, we tend to think that using Jumla, Drupal and similar content management systems or hiring SEO and SERP services will force us to turn our wallets inside out.

The age of social media and online marketing has made internet a powerful instrument for collecting information and socialization. The low cost developers using advanced software and codes come up with unique means to manage websites. Searching online for budgeted development companies will give you the best results in finding the most popular and qualified developers who will do your work within your budget.

Advanced website creation requires efficient content management systems or the back-end administrative system. Managing website content has become easier with the CMS or content management systems. The process of coding or programming for improving the performance of a website is technically known as development. Adding suitable codes and programs, website developer is solely responsible for the functional aspects of a website. However, claiming to offer development services at affordable prices doesn’t necessarily mean that they are genuine service providers so you need to some homework before you take the final decision.

Points to remember: Searching online for low cost developers is very easy and a bit difficult at the same time. You will get the best results provided you search with the right keywords. Finally you can select 4 or 5 development experts and find out more information about their specializations and their charges. Previously people found it tough to manage their website content. However, things have changed as codes and programs have simplified greatly now. The website codes and programs being user friendly make it easier for you to manage the content of your own site.

Promoting your product or services to a niche market has become easier with effective website designing. Efficient website designing with the suitable features attract more audiences and turn them effectively into regular customers. Finding a budgeted development service provider doesn’t mean you will hire any company offering low cost development services. It is very important to find out about their previous performances and make sure that they offer what they promise.

Interacting with their specialists will give you a clear idea about their caliber. Additionally you should be very particular while discussing the terms and conditions of the project, else you might find yourself paying extra for the hidden charges. A company with a skilled team of experts and an impressive infrastructure is always a better choice.

With careful analysis and in-depth study about your low cost development service provider, you will surely find the right company and the right person for your job.