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Future Website Development Strategy

If you do not want to waste a lot of money, potentially even hundreds of thousands on your website design, then you need to look at your future website development strategy right from the start. What is the final web design package going to include, and is it going to allow you to expand? If it’s not; will the company you’re using help you expand online, or simply leave you with the site on your own?

There is a very strong reason for making double sure of any variations of the above questions. Say if you spend £100,000 on getting your website developed, only to want a change of design, or have major additions that simply cannot be fitted in to your existing website without spending a lot of money you could waste a lot of money. Perhaps you want to add a shopping cart after more and more people start to use the site, for example.

If you do not plan for your future website development, then you may well find that when it comes to upgrading your site that all of your original £100,000 has gone to waste if the site needs rebuilding from scratch.

It is very easy to start to add un-planned items to a website, only to suddenly find two key parts cannot be integrated with each other easily. In this situation you may be forced to start from scratch. It’s also very difficult for a web company to give a quote based on “ifs”, so make sure you’ve got an idea of what you want your new website to achieve!

However whilst these scenarios occur surprisingly often, they can be avoided from the start by setting out a future web development strategy with your web design or web development company.

One scenario is that you may want a basic website with just company information on it as part of the first phase of development, in the second phase you may want to add a company blog, in the third phase you may want a full shopping cart added to the site, in the fourth phase you may want it to incorporate with your new finance system for reporting purposes (But you may not have installed that new finance system until 12 months later).

An example of where you can run into problems, is if you do not let your website designer know that you want the shopping cart to integrate with your future new finance system. If you do not let them know, they may in all good faith install a shopping cart system that simply cannot be integrated with your new finance system. The net result of this is that you may then end up having to pay for a new shopping cart system that does integrate with your new finance system. As mentioned earlier; a web company can’t operate on “ifs” and they’re not mind readers – so make sure you end up working with a company who can understand your company’s needs from the very start to the very end. A good web developer will identify things like expansion and be able to recommend your design goes down certain routes to ensure you don’t hit a dead end when you want to expand the site further.

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