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Development of a Site for a Moving Company

Moving is a range of services in effective relocation of goods from one place to another. The services provided by moving companies come in handy when companies move from old offices to new ones, or when people move from one apartment to another.

U.S. Census Bureau claims that 40 million Americans have moved every year over the last ten years. Therefore we can see that demand for moving services does exist. Development of a site for a moving company will help to tell its potential clients about all benefits of a competently organized removal.

Development of a site for representation of the company’s interests on the Internet is a modern approach to advertising of its services. Millions of people use the Internet to search for the information every day; there is no doubt that among these Internet users there are people who are interested in the services provided by moving companies. Let us refer to the keywords statistics provided by Google – one of the most popular search engines in the world.

Internet users type the following queries related to the search of moving services:

search query (number of searches per month)

moving companies (450000)
moving company (201000)
moving truck (165000)
house moving (135000)
moving trucks rental (110000)
moving vans rental (90500)
piano moving (60500)

When Internet users find a site of a moving company by these and similar queries they acquire necessary information about the services in organization of removals and contact the removalist in order to receive this services. Therefore the main task of development of a successful site for a removalist is to develop an informative and attractive site that will be found by Internet users by thematic search queries.

Development of sits that will represent the Interests of a moving company on the Internet consists of several stages. The first stage is a preliminary one; at this stage web developers carry out various researches that help them to understand the specifics of the company’s activity in the best way, evaluate the competition level in the Internet environment in the sphere of these services, determine the most profitable and efficient ways to solve the tasks that were set for this particular website.

The preliminary stage of development of a site for a removalist also includes the choice of the type of the future site. As far as a site for a van line is concerned, the most appropriate type of websites is a representative site. This type of the site is specially intended for publication of textual and graphic information about the company, various forms for submitting requests, online consulting of visitors. Web design of a representative site is developed taking into account the corporate identity of the company and helps to improve the recognizability of the company, maintain its image.

In addition to the main functions, a representative site of a van line may also contain an online shop for selling shipping materials and aids that may come in handy during the removal. Packing board, boxes, containers, packing canvases, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and many other goods will find their consumers on the Internet and will help the moving company to expand its trading area.

A site for a moving company developed in any studio will effectively perform the set tasks; it will improve the popularity of the company and its services due to active presence of the company on the Internet as one of the most popular mass media, increase the number of clients due to attraction of the target visitors, improve the recognizability of the company brand due to using the elements of the corporate identity in the website design.

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